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About Port d'Ehoala

The new Port includes:

-     A breakwater of a length of 625m logalt
-     A multipurpose bulwark with 3 berths:
  1. A main wharf 275m long with a depth of 15.75m
  2. A second wharf 150m long with 8m deep able to accomodate different types of vessels
  3.  A third intermediate wharf of 75m long

-     Two-ears of riprap to confine the movement of coastal sand
-     Secure central reservations for storage of containers and general goods
-     The power supply units for refrigerated containers
-     3 warehouses (1 warehouse for the sorage of ilmenite and 2 others for the storage of general goods)
-     400 hectares of available space, Ehoala Park for industrial development and investors
The master plan for development of the area of 400 has been approved by the APMF following a consultation process with stakeholders. Wter and power supply is provided by Rio Tinto QMM.

The Port d'Ehoala assets

-      A fully owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto QMM
-      Secure port by ISPS standards (International Ship and Port Security)
-      Port certified ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment)
-      Port supplied with water and elictricity QMM
-      Port capable to accomodate vessels of all categories

Beneficial conditions

Port with a strategic location in the Indian Ocean and along the Africa Asia road confirmed by:
  • Maersk lines of Contyainer: Mozambique (Maputo) - Ehoala (Madagascar) - Malaysia (Asia)
  • Federal Navigation lines: Ehoala (Madagascar) - North America (Canada)
  • Lines and container carrier MSC UAFL: Ehoala (Madagascar) - Durban (South Africa) with cruise ships

                    Exports                  Imports
-     Ilmenite/Zirsill
-     Mica
-     Scrap Metal
-     Litchis
-     Crayfishes
-     Fishes
-     Vegetable oils
-     Sisal
-     Essential goods (rice, oil, ...)
-     Donations and humanitarian aid (WFP, USAID, ...)
-     Vehicles
-   Heavy fuel oil

More services

-        Bunkering in port
-        Water and Power
-        Service of ship chandling


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